LIVE! @ The City Laundry in historic New Bern, North Carolina!
Check out our live events, classes, food, drink and more.  We feature local and regional musicians, theatre that is a little out of the ordinary, monthly pride shows, the greatest jazz singing voices in town, electronic dance music nights, an intimate speakeasy, monthly classic movies, a fun and delicious menu and a full bar with fun specialty drinks.


The building was built in the late 1940’s at the city’s laundry facilities.  It served the city departments (ie: police department, fire department, hospitals) as well as the two military bases on either side of New Bern.  When the original builders were ready to retire the business was sold to another family and it continued to be used as a laundry facility.  Once that family was ready to retire the building was empty for several years.  It spent some time being used for a ceramics business, but finally fell into disuse.

In 2009 the building was purchased by Peter and Kathy Adolph who made plans to turn it into a center for the arts in the community.  After seven years of loving restoration they rented the middle portion of the building to Kim Bledsoe and Austin Vaquilar.  They have continued the work of making it a space for the arts and entertainment.

The front part of the building is a studio for the City Potters (they are there on Monday and Friday evenings and they have pottery sales on a regular basis).  And the back of the building is used by artists for studio space.


Kim Bledsoe and Austin Vaquilar have known each other for over 30 years.  Austin turned 30 last November and Kim was there the day he was born (he is her nephew!!).  Lee and Kim met in 2014 and formed a fast friendship and found that they had a lot in common.  Between the three they have decades of experience in theatre, radio, television, film production, food service, bartending, and business among many many other areas.  Stop by and meet them, they love to talk about themselves.